Current Projects


Positive Mental Health Framework for Francophone and Anglophone Districts (2015 and ongoing): In partnership with two pilot school districts, Dr. Morrison and Dr. Peterson have led the development of a three year implementation plan for rollout of positive mental health framework for school environments inclusive of online promotional resources, targeted training sessions, and leadership and environmental assessments. This framework and associated resources will subsequently be incorporated as part of the provincial expansion of the Integrated Service Delivery Initiative.

Current Research Initiatives and Developments


Development and Validation of a Positive Leadership Inventory (2015-ongoing): With support from funding from NB Department of Post-Secondary Education, we are currently working on the theoretical constructs for development of an instrument to measure levels of positive leadership practices within educational and workplace settings.


Development and Validation of the Workplace Mental Fitness and Resiliency Inventory (2014-2015): With support from funding from NB Department of Post-Secondary Education, we worked on the development of an instrument to measure levels of mental fitness and resiliency assets in workplace teams and communities. To date, the instrument has been piloted with over 5000 participants and item analysis is being undertaken.


Engagement as Co-investigator and Content Area Expert (Mental Health) for the Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children (HBSC) Survey (2012-2015): The HBSC study is a continuing, cross-national survey conducted in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Europe. The HBSC data is collected through school-based self-report surveys among 11-, 13- and 15-year-olds. The HBSC study aims to gain new insight and increased understanding into the health, well-being, and health behaviours of young people and their social contexts, especially within the school environment.


Completion of a Second Edition of the book entitled Schools as a Setting for Positive Mental Health: Better Practices and Perspectives (2012-2014): In 2012, the Pan Canadian Joint Consortium for School Health requested that a second edition of our 2010 publication be completed including updated references and perspectives from Canadian experts in school health. The second edition of the book was released in the January 2014.

Curriculum Development


Training Curriculum for Clinicians on working with Youth and Adults with FASD: This project entailed carrying out of a critical literature analysis of core practices for collaborating with individuals with FASD. Upon completion of the necessary research, six professional development modules for social workers, educators and service providers were developed. This training curriculum was delivered in collaboration with the NB Department of Social Development and the NB Department of Health in the Spring of 2015.


Online Training Curriculum on Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Health: This initiative entailed carrying out of a critical literature analysis to identify core content for a training curriculum for the NB Department of Social Development and the NB Association for Community Living. The area of focus involved the identification of evidence-informed practice and perspectives for working with youth and adults who have an intellectual disability and who also have comorbid mental health conditions. The second step of this initiative entailed the production of an online eBook with video excerpts and assessment materials embedded as part of this learning resource.


Training Framework for Integrated Service Delivery Child and Youth Teams: ISD teams were implemented in two educational jurisdictions in 2010 representing the integration of departmental services. As ISD unfolds in other provincial regions, the development of training framework will be implemented to support expanded mental health services for children and youth.


Leadership Management Modules: Based on research completed as part of NB Power’s Mental Fitness Initiative, four leadership modules have be created for inclusion in its leadership development program based on evidence-informed positive psychology practices.

Grants 2014-2016

Grant from Department of Education and Early childhood Development to create evidence-informed online resources to support the expansion of Integrated Service Delivery practices in school-based mental health across four government ministries
Grant from NB Department of Post-Secondary Education to develop a positive mental health strategy across provincial colleges and universities
Grant from NB Department of Post-Secondary Education to implement and assess a departmental positive mental health initiative for the Greater Moncton Region
Research grant from the NB Department of Health (Public Health) to evaluate a positive mental health mentorship program for clients in chronic disease management programs